Privacy Policy

This page contains the privacy policy for the NotPinterested for Ecosia, Codeanywhere IDE and Gitpod Team Helper extensions for Google Chrome. They're long names, so we'll call them NPE, CAE and GTH from now on.

It also sets out the general privacy policy for, the GetIP tools at and my Auto Open Preview Panel extension for VSCode (which is fancy and has two homes, one at the Visual Studio Marketplace and the other one over on OpenVSX).

I don't like not knowing what's happening with my data, and I'm sure you don't either. So, we can keep this simple. NPE, CAE, GTH, the website and my other tools do not collect any or transmit any data to me. I don't have any analytics switched on - for the extensions or for these pages - so, here, you're a random, anonymous Internet person who just happened to float by. Hello!

Other services connected with NPE, CAE or GTH may collect and process your data. For example, the Chrome Web Store does collect data relating to extension installation and such like. From the developer console, I can see ratings and the number of users. How Google handle your data is in line with their privacy policy.

I also have a link to Buy Me a Coffee in case you want to...well, you get the idea. If you make a donation, they will collect some data, which they will handle in line with their privacy policy.

But, in terms of data collection, that's it. If, despite all of the above, I do end up with some of your personal data - I guess you'd have to email me, or identify yourself in some other way - then it will not be transferred or passed on to any third-parties.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

Matt Rudge
27th March, 2023.